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I also want to buy old trade stimulators, gambling games, dice machines, craps machines, vending machines, roulette wheels, roulette games, gambling wheels, arcade games, penny arcade machines, juke boxes, gumball machines, cash registers, peanut machines, candy machines, tobacco related machines, cigar machines, coin-operated golf games, golf ball slot machines, coin-operated golfing games, coin-operated baseball games, old playing cards, old gambling tables, old cheating devices, crooked dice, dice paperweights, gambling pocket watches, roulette pocket watches, jacks machines, penny flips, and any other vintage antique collectable related to these items. I am centrally located in the Midwest.

I have purchased many machines for the following reasons:

I pay the highest prices!

I will make it convenient for you to sell your machine

In many cases I will pick up the machine or have it picked up so you don't have to deal with packing and shipping

I deal with major packing and shipping companies when pick up is not available

I will respond promptly, courteously and honestly with an immediate CASH offer

I will work to complete the deal as quickly as possible

I have been one of the top slot machine dealers in the country for over 22 years

I will purchase a machine in any condition, working or not

I will help you identify your machine if you are not sure of its age or model

No deal is too small or too large
I will buy 1 piece or an entire collection

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Slot Machines

I will buy any slot machine in any condition. Examples of machines I buy are those made by Mills Novelty Company, O. D. Jennings Company, Caille Brothers, Pace, Watling, Buckley, Bally, Silver King, Charles Fey and Sons, Fey and Superior.

Trade Stimulators

Trade Stimulators are coin operated gambling games which usually did not pay out. They were placed on location in cigar stores, candy stores, arcades, taverns, saloons, and any other location where gambling devices might be profitable. The machines were designed to look like amusement devices, but they were actually gambling devices. Frequently theses machines were found with slot machine symbols and fortune telling sayings on the reels. Other varieties feature cigarette packs, and winning combinations were paid by the bar tender or store attendant in the form of cigars, cigarettes or actual money.. I will purchase machines made by Daval, Groetchen, Mills, Caille, ABT, Ad Lee, Puritan, Canda, Decatur, Griswold, Rock-ola, Rockola, Sun, and Waddel. Below are a few photos of these types of machines. Please call or email me for detailed information.

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This Site is dedicated to my good friend and mentor Dick Bueschel. Dick passed away April 19, 1998 and is dearly missed. Dick was an inspiration to me and many others in the coin-op hobby. Dick's true love was coin operated machines and I hope this web site helps discover some new, great, finds in the field. Thanks for everything Dick. My love for collecting old slot machines and gambling devices was fueled by your enthusiasm.

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